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Mobile dog grooming service in Sugar Land

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Full bath

Treat your dog to a refreshing and cleansing experience with our Full Bath service. It includes a thorough shampoo and conditioner application, hair drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, mouthwash, private area shaving, pet perfume, and accessorizing to make your furry friend look and feel their best.

Pets Tribe Tx - Dog Grooming

Full Star Bath

Elevate your dog’s grooming experience with our Full Star Bath. This service includes all the features of the Full Bath, along with a special touch of star-quality treatment. Your pet will enjoy the same pampering elements, with an added emphasis on personalized care.

Full Grooming

Indulge your dog in the ultimate grooming session with our Full Grooming service. This comprehensive package includes everything from the Full Bath, with the additional benefit of a professional haircut, shave down, or deshedding, based on your dog's specific needs. Our expert groomers will recommend the most suitable option for your furry companion.

Pets Tribe Tx - Professional Pet Groomers

Full Lone Star

Experience the epitome of luxury grooming with our Full Lone Star service. This top-tier package encompasses all the elements of the Full Grooming experience, enhanced with exclusive services like paw pad treatment, plumberry facial, and teeth brushing. Your dog will receive meticulous care, ensuring they look and feel their absolute best.

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